Bel is an argentinean artist who was living and working as a freelancer in Berlin the last years. 

Her work is based on organic and delicate aesthetic, immersed and involve by natural light.

She portrays artists in their studios and create daily still life series with plants, flowers and zero waste.

She has been working exclusively with film for more than 11 years.

Clients: Lingua Planta, Posada Ayana, Casa Cavia, Nel, Lloret, El Papagayo, The Nude Label

Hg Galllery, Gang and the Wool, Aniela Parys, Planta Studio, Poems and Posies, Galindo Publishing.

Barbarelle for Mundo Flaneur, Bcn Clay Studio, The Preserve Journal. 


Get in touch and work with her:


Esmarchstraβe 5, 10407, Berlin Germany


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact: +5493517646502                   COPYRIGHT © Bela Mora Leal 2023